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370 acres cultivated, with a production of about 800 ton., above all in Classic Carnaroli to which Baldo and Classic Brown Carnaroli are added. The processing takes place with traditional techniques at a local artisan rice mill to offer the consumer a product that meets high quality standards.
Available in packs of 2,2 lb for the public.

Carnaroli Classic

€ 4,30

Rice of the highest qualitative, born in 1945, fruit of the intersection between Vialone and Lencino. A variety of rice that has conquered great chefs and enthusiasts because of its characteristics. Carnaroli's starch has a particular composition, very rich in amylose, which makes the beans compact and consistent; ensures minimal losses during cooking ensuring good absorption capacity of liquids and fatty substances. Ideal for the most refined risottos and all the preparations of high gastronomy, thanks to the good appearance of the beans. Not recommended for the preparation of desserts.

Carnaroli Brown

€ 4,80

Classic Brown Carnaroli has a darker color than other rices, because it provides less processing, It is rich in fibers and substances with beneficial properties. Among all cereals, brown rice is the most complete. It cooks in a longer time then other rices and it tends to release less starch, so it is more digestible. To avoid long cooking times, it is recommended to soak it the evening before cooking it or for 3 hours keeping the water for the 18 minutes of cooking. It is excellent for salads, while it is less suitable for risotto.


€ 3,50

Superfine rice of recent diffusion derived from the Arborio and from an experimental variety. The beans are long and large with a crystalline and compact structure with an excellent absorption capacity. It is an excellent alternative to Carnaroli and Arborio. Its ideal use is in risottos, especially in Piedmont, timbales and baked rice and desserts.


€ 3,00

The rice have a whitish color and a swollen appearance. Their length is only twice the width. Once cooked, they tend to adhere together. Ideal for soups and desserts. The Original rice was selected in Italy at the beginning of 1900 and has maintained the original characteristics of the Japanese varieties from which it derives.